Our Equines

The equines of Reise Adaptive Equine Services make what we do possible.  They are our partners throughout the journey of healing.



American Quarter Horse

Pete is a sorrel American Quarter Horse with an upbeat personality.  He is usually the first one to greet any visitor that comes to his gate.  Pete is Western-trained and loves treats after a hard day's work.



American Quarter Horse

Zeke is a dun American Quarter Horse who likes to lay back and let his long forelock flow with the wind.  Western-trained and seemingly gaited, Zeke is a veteran trail horse who quickly makes friends with anyone around.



Shetland Cross Pony

Rufus may be the smallest of the herd, currently, but he likes to think he is the mightiest.  What he lacks in size, he makes up for in mischievousness.  Rufus can usually be found fetching hats in his pasture when he is not working.

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